N°1/06 — 2022

Printed in 400 copies, with sixteen pages in newspaper format, in which we present Ostend through prose, essays, historical and recent photographs and contemporary art. Contributions by Dirk Beirens, Philippe Braem, Koen Broucke, Paul Claes, Adriaan Gonnissen, Geert Lernout, Nicola Nord, Koen Peeters, Jean-Yves Plamont, Helen Simpson, Els Snick, Hendrik Tratsaert, Xavier Tricot, Jef Van Eynde, Lieven Van Den Abeele and Hans Verhaegen. This unique edition, designed by Lodewijk Joye, is numbered and multilingual: Dutch, French, English, German and the Ostend dialect. To be distributed free of charge during Bloomsday 2022 and despatched to Joyce lovers and interested parties all over the world.

(Editors: Xavier Tricot, Helen Simpson)