Ostendiana is dedicated to the cultural history of Ostend. James Ensor and Leon Spilliaert were born in the city, but countless other artists and writers have made it their home over the years. Whether they lived in Ostend or were simply passing through, their stories allow us to see the city from a new perspective. James Joyce, Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth, Marvin Gaye, Max Beckman, Hugo Claus, Harry Kummel, Thierry de Cordier, Arno, Raoul Servais, Erich Heckel and Henri Storck… these are just a few of the artists, writers, musicians and film-makers associated with the ‘Queen of Seaside Resorts’. Ostendiana takes you on a voyage of discovery across the centuries and explores the links between Ostend and the arts.

The website publishes original writing about the cultural history of Ostend. Subjects of interest include, but are not limited to, literature, poetry, music, fine art, photography, film-making, architecture and theatre. We accept submissions and suggestions for articles, which are published at the committee’s discretion and in the original language. Ostendiana also organises occasional events to celebrate the life and work of the cultural figures associated with the city.