Souvenirs of Bloomsday in Ostend, 16 June 2022

The ‘portiers van de oceaan’¬†from left to right, Jef Van Eynde, Hendrik Tratsaert (Exit vzw), Lieven Van Den Abeele, Xavier Tricot (Ostendiana), Helen Simpson (Ostendiana), Philippe Braem, Koen Peeters and Dierk Beirens.

Bloomsday in Ostend was a huge success and we thank everyone who participated: you made the day! Click on the Bloomsday menu above for a slideshow of Jef Van Eynde’s photo reportage of the proceedings. Enjoy!


Full programme!

Berenice Abbott, Portrait of James Joyce, 1928, printed 1982, Gelatin silver print. Gift of A&M Penn Photography Foundation by Arthur Stephen Penn and Paul Katz, 2007. The Clark Art Institute, 2007.2.182.

Only ten more days until we celebrate Bloomsday in Ostend. Join us on 16 June as we celebrate the centenary of Ulysses in the city where James Joyce spent his summer holiday in 1926. Dress up! We’ll be celebrating in the sartorial style of 1926. There’s an exhibition of eighteen original prints based on Ulysses in the Ostend Library, the launch of a new gazette Ostende!, a picnic (bring your own food and drink), live music and song, a James Joyce walk along the promenade and pier, all interspersed with readings from Ulysses in multiple languages.

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